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Information Letter 7, 2002 (October 28, 2002)

Dear participants
Dear co-organizers

Greetings from the three of us: Endre E., Mauritz R, and Dan DD.
We had a good time in Oldenburg. Thanks a lot.
The ride back was a bit slower than planned due to wind and waves at sea.

So, to business.

First, let me remind you of settling the date for visit to the museum asop with Lars U. Scholl.

Let me then once more try to clearify on assignments.
You are right in being a little bit confused as the existing headline on Assignment Part III should be clear enough (whithout me muddling things up):

"Answer 1 of 6 questions below from the third part of the study module (max. 3000 words). All questions are related to literature sent to participants and to content of two lecture sessions + excursions (Avaldnes in Aug, 2002, and Oldenburg in October 2002) + the report "Coastal Cultural Heritages - the challenges and proposals."
End quote

Meaning - as you have pointed out already - that all questions in Part 3 are relevant for the long assignment!

To underline that I have removed the word "short" from question no. 4.

To underline that even further I have added a few words to question no. 3 (about GENDER - I believe this question is particularly of interest to Kerstin D-K).

Let us now hope everything is clear as regards the long assignment.

Please remember that when you have entered the WWW-site with user name and pass word, you will - when clicking on Assignment on top of the menu bar - have the opportunity of entering a NEW answer.
If you already have done that, and just want to edit your answer (change it), you can go to My answer (end of menu bar) and click on "edit" to the right of the page.


WWW-pages with references to questions have been updated as well (INFO 2/2002) so as to make all references to questions similar.

I have also updated the file containing "Schedule" - course plan. Dates for sending in assignments + return of assessment have been changed according to our discussion in Oldenburg. You now have two more weeks for your assignments. This should make it possible to include whatever wisdom Lars Scholl will provide you with during the museum visit.

A copy of the adjusted schedule is enclosed in this Information Letter AND it has also been enclosed in INFO 1/2002 as replacement of the former version.

The report "Coastal Cultural Heritages - the challenges and proposals." This report will be ordered in five extra copies. Before we send this to you please look careful in your papers since we are positive that the four of you taking part in the expedition to Stavanger received a personal copy!

The next Information Letter will contain Endre Elvestads lecture and possibly other goodies from here.

I shall be out of office all next week (teaching and meetings in Croatia and Slovenia).



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