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Information Letter 6 (Oct 20, 2002)

Dear Participants,

(1) Introduction

We are getting closer to the meeting in Oldenburg. This letter will detail the programme for the long Friday (October 25).

We finally settled the programme with the Oldenburg organizer (Thomas Klenke + Adelheid Demmer) one and a half week ago (October 10). Because of problemes both here and there we in the end ended up with consentrating lecturing to a lo-o-o-o-ng Friday, dividing this between Mauritz Rossvik doing his wrapping up AFTER lunch and myself + Endre Elvestad using the MORNING session.

The visit to the Bremen Maritime Museum will be done later at a time that will be anounced from Dir. Lars Scholl, Bremen. We have set aside 4 hrs in our budget for that. The visit will naturally consenbtrate on Part III of our study module (1800 until today). You will know that Lars Scholl is on the literature list (article about harbour in Bremen/Bremerhaven).

From the above you will understand that we instead of giving you Endre Elvestad on video tape, we will bring him down to Oldenburg in person to give you a overview of literature coveirng Part I and Part II (Part III will be coverered at the museum visit later). We think this (having Endre E. with you in person) is a better deal than 15 min on video tape!

My part of the morning session will be discussing assignments based on incoming work from you after Endre has finished his lecture. We might also discuss a few questions raised in Part III as an overture to the later museum visit.

(2) Programme:
Start 0830:
1: Endre Elvestad will start with a double lecture
- broad overview of North Sea History and Culture (Part I and II especially)
- literature: some of the articles will be commentated on more in depth
- questions and discussions
2: Dan D. Daatland: WWW-pages + written assignments
- use of PC/internett
- commenting on some student works
- advice and reminders on final assignments
- some discussion on Part III topics (overture to later museum visit)
3: Lunch (1 hrs)
4: Mauritz Rossavik
- wrapping up his study module
End: 1600

5: (later date to be decided between museum and Thomas Klenke)
- visit to Bremen Maritime Museum c/o Dir. Lars Scholl – probably 4 hrs.
(he has received all necessary info about your study module, literatuere, assignments etc.)

(3) Assignments

I have not been very good in informing you properly about assignments and relationship to the various parts of the literature. Many thanks to Andreas J. and Tanja M. for informing me about this.

You are free to chose from questions given, be that Part I or Part II or Part III. I believe I did encourage you during the Norway trip, however, to try to pick from various part of our literature, but the bottom line is that you are the one to decide.

I did mention in Norway that as regards the LONG assignment, you can either do the long question at the bottom of Part III (go to Assignment Page on the WWW site) or you can answer two questions to get the required length in the third assignment. The ”long” question (see below) will make it possible to include elements from the Karmøy visit, the museum visit, from the "Coastal Cultural Heritages” Report you received in Norway, etc.

(Quoted from the WWW-pages Part III:
Make some suggestions of how to integrate the protection of the cultural heritage in the process of coastal management. You are free to use examples e.g. from the Oldenburg area, or from Avaldsnes, or from the report "Coastal Cultural Heritages - the challenges and proposals" given to you at the lecture in Avaldnes.
The answer to this question is, as you will understand, related to the future role as a player in the active management of the coastal


The next Information Letter will contain commentaries from Endre concerning his lecture in Oldenburg, much the same way Information Letter no. 5 commented on his lecture in Norway in August.

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