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Posted by: Cecilie Cave
NEW!! New Year starts with visits from Slovenia and Germany

City of Stavanger

Program, Mojca and Lydia.doc

Mojca Vah together with the Norwegian students team had meetings and tutorials with professor Lydia Potts, who is organizing the German modules the students are taking this semester. She came to Norway to be able to give direct feedback and guidance to students as they continue working on their final papers in the modules. She also got an overview of the library sources that students have access to at the University of Stavanger.

Organizational meetings were also held with the Norwegian team, which is planning the start of their own module in the second semester. This module will run together with a German method module and a Slovenian module on issues of gender and migration and migration in a contemporary light.

The two visitors also had, among other things, the chance to experience some aspects of Stavanger's cultural activities, such as a concert in the HOT/COLD series, which is part of the Stavanger2008 initiative, strolls around the old town and a trip with the ferry boat to the Lyse fjord.

The new semester will start in March with the Slovenian module, followed by the Norwegian and German modules. In April there will be a short IP course in Oldenburg to coincide with the conference on masculinity from 12.4 to 14.4. There will be a Slovenian day during the course that will allow Slovene instructors and students in the module direct interaction.


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