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Posted by: Dan D. Daatland
NEW!! Start of another MA programme in Migration

From the WWW-site of Malmö University

With the start of a two-year Master’s program in Migration in the fall of 2006 as part of a collaboration with Osnabrück in Germany, Trento in Italy and Coimbra in Portugal, Malmö University will be taking yet another step in its alignment with the Bologna process.

– The program will be organized in accordance with the principles stated in the Bologna process. Students who will apply for the program must have a Bachelor’s degree or three years of education at a university. It will be a little more focused than current Master’s programs about continuing on to the PhD level; for example, the student will write a thesis that will be an introduction to a doctoral dissertation, says Philip Muus, professor in International Migration at the School of International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER) at Malmö University.

The second term will be spent abroad
The Master’s program’s two years will begin with one term at each respective home university, that is to say one of the four collaborating universities. The second term will be spent abroad at one of the other universities. The choice of university will be determined by which focus on migration the student would like to pursue.
– The four universities will all focus on migration, but each will have its own angle of approach. Coimbra will focus on migration and globalization, Osnabrück on migration and sociology, Trento on migration and development at regional, local and individual levels and Malmö University on migration and the labor market, says Philip Muus.

A sneak preview of the new Master’s program was held on Monday, January 16, when well-known lecturers from the four universities gathered at Malmö University to give 20-minute lectures on the topic of migration.
The lecturers were:
Prof. Dr. Michael Bommes, Osnabrück universitet, “Migration and Sociology”
Prof. Dr. Maria Baganha, Coimbra universitet, “Migration and Globalization”
Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Sciortino, Trento universitet, “Migration and Development”
Dr. Philip Muus, Malmö högskola, “Migration and the Labour Market”