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The profile for member:
Shalini P. Frĝiland
Institution: University of Stavanger
Street: 4036
City: Stavanger
Country: Norway
Phone: 0047-402 88 955
Fax: 0047- 51 83 30 50

Additional information:
  • Senior Executive Officer working with International Relations in the Department for Academic Affairs at the University of Stavanger.
  • Working chiefly with internationalisation strategies and the administration of Erasmus Mundus projects at the University.
  • Prof. Dan Daatlands associate on the ongoing Comenius project, "Migration and Intercultural Relations". We will also be working together on the new Comenius project, "Learning Migration"(2005 - 2008).

    Academic Background
  • Bachelors Degree in English Language and Literature. Subsidiary subjects: Political Science and Indian History.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai.
    Special focus on the Use of Media for Social Development.
  • M.A. in Media Studies, La Trobe University, Melbourne.
    Special focus on New Media Policy, Media for Social Development and Gender in Media texts. Masters Thesis: "For Richer or Poorer: The impacts of Information Inequality in the New Digital Era"
  • One years study in International Marketing from the Norwegian School of Management with special focus on Intercultural Communication in English.

    Interest Areas
    Migration has been a constant in my life , so it was maybe inevitable that it would be my chosen area of work and study. The following areas are of particular interest:
  • The Immigrant Identity - changing concepts og Home and Belonging. How migrant identities in the 21st century are being shaped by new technologies.
  • The key challenges in establishing Democratic Citizenship Programmes as a part of integration policy. Impact thereof on concepts of nationalism, secularism and multiculturalism.
  • The South Asian Diaspora. esp. Indian work migration as a result of the IT/outsourcing boom.

Research list: