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The profile for member:
Milan Mesic
Institution: Dep of Sociologi, University of Zagreb
Street: 1 Lucica 3
City: 10000 Zagreb
Country: Croatia
Phone: 385 (1) 61 20 176
Fax: 385 (1) 61 56 879

Additional information:
Prof Milan Mesic
Dep of Sociologi, University of Zagreb

Curriculum vitae
Prof. Milan Mesic, Ph.D.
Full Professor
Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb
I. Lucica 3, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Born: April 6, 1948
Work place- current: Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy
Position - current: Full Professor

Professional positions:
- Leader of the scientific project sponsored by the Croatian Ministry of Science:
Multiculturalism – ideas and policies (2004/2006)
- Member of the International Editorial Board of the Slovenian scientific migration
journal (published in Slovenian and English) – Dve domovini, razprave o izseljenstvu /
Two Homelands, Migration Studies
- Member of the international advisory board of the Croatian scientific migration journal
Migracijske i etni?ke teme (Migration and Ethnic Themes)
- Head of the postgraduate study - Sociology of Migration (1993-1999)
- Head of the Department of Sociology (1994-1996)
- President of the Croatian Sociological Association (1992-1994)
- Leader of the international research project sponsored by RSS OSI, Prague: Prospects
Of return and reintegration of Croatian and Bosnian-Herzegovian Refugees (1993-
- Director of the Institute for Migration and Nationality Studies, Zagreb (1984-1989)
- Editor-in-chief of the scientific multidisciplinary Croatian journal Migration Themes
- Coordinator of the American ACM/GLCA (one semester undergraduate) Study
Program based in Zagreb (1980-1990)

- undergraduate: Sociology of migration; Sociology of Social Movements;
Classical Sociology; Multiculturalism
- graduate: Sociology of migration; Refugee Studies, Social Movements

Professional honors, fellowships: Fulbright Fellow at the Tufts University, Madford, MA
DAAD Stipendium - Berliner Institut für Vergleichende Sozialforschung (01.12.1999-
The Croatian State Award in the year 2002 for the scientific work in the field of sociology represented by the book Medjunarodne migracije, Tokovi i teorije
(International Migration - Flows and Theories).

A) books: 8, the last three ones:
- Multikulturalizam – društveni i teorijski izazovi (Multiculturalism - Social and Theoretic Challenges), Zagreb, 2005;
- M. Mesic (ed.) Perspectives of Multiculturalism: Western & Transitional Countries (a collection of contributions in English from the international UNESCO conference held in Dubrovnik – 2003, available on official UNESCO web site), 2004.
- Medjunarodne migracije, Tokovi i teorije (International Migration, Flows and Theories), Zagreb, 2001.

B) articles: over 70 scientific articles in domestic and foreign journals and books, dealing mostly with various themes in Sociology of Migration, Refugee Studies, Ethnicity, Sociology of Social Movements, Political Sociology and other fields.

Selective list of articles in foreign languages:
- Mesic, M. and B. Baranovic “National Minority Education in Croatia”, in: N. Genov
(ed.) Ethnicity and Educational Policies in South Eastern Europe, Münster: Lit Verlag,
2005, pp. 64-84.
- M.M. “Minorities in Croatia and the Challenges of Multiculturalism”, in: M. Mesic
(ed.) Perspectives of Multiculturalism: Western & Transitional Countries, Zagreb,
2004, pp. 273-296.
- M.M. “La coexistence et l'avenir de la Bosnie-Heryegovine vus par les réfugiés”, in La
Guerre aux Civilis, Bosnie-Herzégovine 1992-1996, ed. Claire Lévy-Vroelant et Isaac
Jospeh, Paris, L'Hartmattan, 1997, pp-137-152.
- M.M. “Flüchtlingstypen im Fall Kroatiens”, Migration, A European Journal of
International Migration and Ethnic Relations, vol. 19, No 3\1993, pp. 41-60.
- M.M. “External Migration in the Context of Post-War Social Development of
Yugoslavia”, in: Yugoslavia in Transition: Choices and Constraints, Essays in Honour
of Fred Singleton, ed. by J. Allcock et al. New York\Oxford: BERG, 1992, pp. 171-197.

International conferences and visiting lectures:
- participation at many international conferences; coordination of a few ones
- visiting guest lecturer at several European and many American universities

Research list: