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Eight Partner Meeting, Oldenburg Oct 10 11, 2006
Start: Oct 10 2006
End: Oct 11 2006
Meeting at Carl Von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg.

Consortium Committee 2 (Minutes)
Start: 07.09. 2006
End: 07.09. 2006
Second meeting of partners as a formal consortium. Updated Tuesday Sep 26.

Consortium Committee 1 (Minutes)
Start: June 21 1200
End: June 21 1400
First (inaugeral) meeting of partners as a formal consortium

Seventh Partner Meeting, Stavanger, April 24 25, 2006
Start: April 24, 2006
End: April 24. 2006
Agenda + Minutes (Attached files to be added within next few days)

Workshop Lisbon
Start: Monday Jan 29
End: Monday Jan 29
Open Workshop (2nd day of Lisbon Partner Meeting)

Sixth Partner Meeting (Lisbon)
Start: January 29, 2006
End: January 30, 2006
Updated March 6, 2006: Partner meeting + workshop

Workshop Stavanger
Start: Saturday Sep 17, 10:00
End: Saturday Sep 17, 15:30
Open Workshop (2nd day of Stavanger Partner Meeting)

Fifth Partner Meeting (Stavanger)
Start: Friday Sep 16, 2005 (Closed Partner Meeting)
End: Saturday Sep 17, 2005 (Open Workshop)
Minutes (download) + Full agenda (download) + draft annual reports from partners.

Fourth Partner Meeting (Ljubljana)
Start: April 16, 2005
End: April 18, 2005
Minutes; Agenda; reference to documents.

Extra Meeting Stavanger
Start: March 20
End: March 21
Agenda for coming Partner Meeting (Ljubljana); Accreditation issues; Erasmus Mundus; Intiatives to strenghten consorium: new partnes, new projects.

Extra Meeting Oldenburg
Start: Feb 6
End: Feb 7
Accreditation; Erasmus Mundus; Other project issues.

Workshop Oldenburg
Start: Oct 30
End: Oct 30
Evaluation of plans for "MA Migration and Intercultural Relations" from peer reviewers; discussing how best to involve other institutions in Gemany.

Third Partner Meeting (Oldenburg)
Start: Oct 29
End: Oct 30
Minutes; Agenda; Reference to Documents.

Second Partner Meeting (Newcastle)
Start: June 17, 2004
End: June 19, 2004
Minutes; Agenda.

First Partner Meeting (Ljubljana)
Start: October, 24, 2003, 1100
End: October 24, 2003, 1800
Minutes; Agenda; Documents.