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A Comenius 2 Course

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Venue: Oldenburg, Germany

Date: October 17-22, 2005

Organised in collaboration with the Comenius 3 Network MIR: Migration and Intercultural Relations (Ref.No: 101605-CP-1-2002-1-NO-COMENIUS-C3) - activities to be continued by the new network "LEARNING-MIGRATION" - Learning about migration and intercultural relations in school and teacher training (2005-2008) 225585 - CP -1-2005-1- NO - COMENIUS – C3

Main Course Themes and Activities
  • Education and the theme of Migration and Democratic Citizenship issues.
  • Migration History – the use of archives and studies of families
  • Intercultural learning
  • School Visits
  • New Comenius Initiatives
    (Courses on Migration and Intercultural Relations earlier organised in Lisbon, Portugal, 2001; Omagh, Northern Ireland, 2002; Malmö, Sweden, 2003; Ceske Budejovitse, Czech Republic 2004.)

    Outline of Course Schedule and Themes
  • Monday 17. October: Migration in Europe
  • Tuesday 18. October: Historical-Political Learning on Migration
  • Wednesday 19. October: European Citizenship Education
  • Thursday 20. October: Citizenship Education in Schools
  • Friday 21. October: Contact Seminar Day

    There will be presentations by the participants on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. School visits and excursions are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

    Applicants and participants can find a more detailed course schedule here

    Contact Seminar
    Contact seminars are arranged to enhance the creation of new Comenius projects (Comenius 1, Comenius 2) primarily in the thematic area of Migration and Intercultural Relations.These seminars are an excellent platform for:

  • enabling new teachers, both in primary and secondary schools, teachers in teacher-training institutions and other staff members to be involved in Comenius projects.
  • creating collaborating networks of teachers and other staff members who will work together on a project topic of common interest.
  • enhancing the follow-up of new projects.
  • informing participants about existing projects and networks similiar to the one you are working on

    The course offers two types of certification.

  • Certificate for taking part in the course week.
  • Diploma of 6 ECTS for participation in the course and the completion of three written assignments after the course.

    Course Structure
  • Preparation before course week. One week of work based on course material
  • Course Week: 1 week of lecturing, workshops and group work (see schedule)
  • Work after the Course Week: 1 week of work based on course material (for full Diploma only)

    Course Fees and Payment
  • Accomodation & Subsistance: 750 Euros
  • Course fee (including materials): 540 Euros
  • Total Cost: 1290 Euros
  • Cancellation fee: 300 Euros

    Payment Details
    Account number: 7694.05.00547
    Bank: Den Norske bank
    Address: P.O.Box 1171 Sentrum
    Postal Code: N-0107
    City: Oslo, Norway
    Local Branch Address: None
    Branch sort code / Branch swift code: DNBANOKK
    IBAN Code: NO807694.05.00547
    Account holder's name: University of Stavanger
    Country: Norway

    Payment Instructions:
    Please mark payment with "Hum-Project 70401 - Germany"

    Payment Deadline: One month before start of course if no other date is given.

Useful links:
  • Detailed Course Description from Socrates Comenius/Grundtvig Course Database 2004 - 2005

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