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(Some of you have already responded to this. You do not have to repeat your offer of presentation unless there is something new concering your suggestion. However, if you to think that your presentation is suitable for the organised Poster-Session on Tuesday (see below) you should tell us especially.)

Dear Participants,

It is normal practice during the in-service training course to set aside sessions during the week’s programme where participants will have the opportunity to present their project ideas and to present examples of best practice. This has been done this year also, as you have been able to see from the published course schedule.

From time to time the Socrates National Agencies will organize so called “Contact Seminars” lasting 3-5 days particularly dedicated to helping people establish new project groups that will start preparing applications for Comenius 1 or Comenius 2.

In the Oldenburg Comenius course for teachers we have organized a ”mini” contact seminar with dedicated time on both Monday and Friday before lunch (beginning and end of course week). In between these two special sessions we have also marked opportunities for participants to present best practise and otherwise introduce themselves for the audience: Tuesday after lunch (Poster-presentation) and Thursday after lunch.

You have seen these possibilities already in the published course schedule, we are sure. However, we do want to be certain that all participants prepare themselves for the following:

- ALL participants should prepare to introduce themselves to other participants in the group
This means presenting yourself + personal interest for the theme of the course. Further, to point to initiaives of interest taken by your school in this interest area or your school’s interest for taking part in a new project that may be suggested by others.

- MOST OF YOU should have prepared a little bit more formal presentation of a project you are taking part in (we know that a good deal of you are in fact engaged in such a project already). This means that having prepared 1-3 transparencies, a short written summary for distribution among participants etc. There will be a beamer (projecter) for PowerPoint presentations available, but not necessarily an internet connection.

- SOME OF YOU might also bring along a project suggestion where you are actively looking for partners. You should have prepared a few point drafting the project idea as clearly as you can.
ALL OF YOU will then have the opportunity to sit down in a working group with other participants after lunch in Session 4 on Thursday. This work will be summed up the day after (Friday).

- SOME OF YOU (but not many) might also be prepared to make use of the organized Poster-Session on Tuesday where more formal projects are invited to prepare results (brochures, posters, videos, other material. For this purpose there will be walls, tables, screens etc. available. This opportunity will be of particular interest for a smaller number of participants, we think.

Such a “mini” contact seminar will be a wonderful opportunity for participants to present ongoing projects as well to signalise interest in new project initiatives. These presentations give a great added value to the course, and we encourage as many of the participants as possible to prepare presentations of their work.

Summing up, here is what the course schedule can offer you in this respect:

Monday (11:00 – 12:30)
This contact seminar will allow for a presentation of best practices by participants in ongoing projects. This forum is also ideal for those projects on the lookout for new partners.

Tuesday (13:30 – 15:00)
Poster Presentation of Best Practice Projects by Participants
During the experts conference there will be a poster presentation/ 'market of possibilities'. Participants will have the possibility of presenting the work of their institution using leaflets, posters, maybe even notebook presentations. The organizers have plans to install tables and 'movable walls' where the material can be presented. Participants can move through the room and talk to each other about the presented material. This presentation is suitable for the “heavier” projects that have enough physical material to present.

Thursday (13:30 – 17:00)
On Thursday, we encourage general presentations by participants. We encourage even those who do not have any projects to introduce themselves, tell the other participants a little about their background and their interests, projects of interest and projects they would like to plan. Participants can also discuss previous international collaborations.
We conclude this day by working in workgroups to discuss future collaborations, so as to be well prepared for Friday’s contact seminar.

Friday (09:00 – 12.30)
Contact Seminar for the planning of new projects. The main idea on Friday is to summarise the presentations and to design a follow up strategy for new programme proposals.

As a rule we would prefer for presentations to not be longer than 15 minutes. (This applies to all days) We would appreciate it if presenters would prepare a written summary of their work and please remember to keep it simple. All presenters will be able to use transparencies and PowerPoint, though the use of Internet cannot be guaranteed on all days.

We would appreciate knowing at the earliest who will be presenting projects, when you intend to present (when is suitable) and what kind of equipment you intend to use. We hope to receive a positive and enthusiastic response from a good number of you very soon!


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