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Cooperating institutions: Stavanger University College, Department of Humanistic Studies, Stavanger; Centre for the Study of Migration and Intercultural Relations (CEMRI), Universidade Aberta, Lisboa; the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, Zagreb.

Survey and evaluation of the available sources (statistics, documents, studies, literature) on migration to and settlement in Canada of the respective ethnic groups with an aim to prepare a paper on a general socio-historical picture of Portuguese, Norwegian and Croatian communities in Canada. The paper shall also provide the ground for further research into the historic, sociocultural and economic background underlying the mode of integration of the said communities into the Canadian society, with an intention of establishing a major comparative study on the specific theme(s) which will concern all three ethnic groups.

Research aspects in initial phase of project:

"Socio-demographic and economic profile"
A socio-demographic (number, age, gender, educational and professional structure) profile of Portuguese, Norwegians and Croatian communities in Canada, including information about where the communities live (major cities and regional areas) and what are the major areas of employment .

"Migration history"
Identification of the major waves and patterns of migration of Portuguese, Norwegians and Croats to Canada. The migration history will also look at the migration experiences of the different waves of migrants including:
- information about Canada
- reasons/motives
- expectations
- experiences on arrival

"A brief survey of the developments of social, cultural, religious, educational and political institutions and organizations within the communities"
Values, cultural practices and ethnic identity and maintenance of the communities + a general understanding of their development in the Canadian socio-political context.

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