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Articles/papers and summaries (S) of important work by other researchers:

(S) Policies of Regulating Cultural and Ethnic Differences: On Concepts and How They are Used
(S) Migrations in Norway and in other Scandinavien Countries
(S) The Recent Development of Croatia’s Population – Regular and Irregular Population Trends
(S) Current Migration Movements in Europe
(S) The Coexistence of Croats and Serbs in the Pre-War and Post-War Period – An Implicite Critique of the War in Croatia as an Ethnic Conflict

Czech Republic
Sociologický výzkum: Imigranti z východní Evropy v Českých Budějovicích - Sociological research - Immigrants from Eastern Europe in Ceske Budejovice
Migration and a New Role of Central Europe in Enlarged European Union

(S) PHD-project on the topic of Pupils and Migration
development of teaching material about the headscarf
(S) Transnational Seminar Group

(S) Some recommended articles concerning recent migration to Norway and Scandinavia


School: an “open door” to affinities and pedagogical and cultural differentiation
Intercutural Education: potential for reconstructing teacher’s education practice
(S) Cosmopolitan Citizanship (ppt presentation)
(S) Portuguese and Portuguese-descendant youths of the Diaspora: cultural heritage and attitudes towards education
(S) “Second Generation”, Cultural Retention and Ethnic Identity:

"The Literature of Slovene Emigrants and its Place in Modern Slovene Culture" - an analysis of Slovene textbooks (a presentation and a summary)
(S) First textbook (for the subject Contemporary Slovenian Literature) that includes Slovenian emigrant writers (a summary and a presentation)
"One-Dimensional Conception of National Identity versus Heterogeneity of Ethnic Identity among Emigrants" (an article)
(S) A book and research about lives of young second generation immigrants in Ljubljana (the presentation, a summary and an article)
'Immigrants in Slovenia: Integration Aspects' (an article and a summary)
(S) 'School Experiences in American Multicultural Environment as Told by Slovenian Immigrants' (a summary)
(S) "From the Demand for Renouncing Mother Tongue to Appreciation of Bilingualism: Educational System in Australia" (a summary)
(S) 'Education in the Context of Swedish Multiculturalism' (a summary)
'What Kind of School Is Fair for Immigrant Children: Teachers' Views' (a summary of a lecture)

(S) Gambian migration in the province of Girona
(S) Identity, racism and violence. Interethnic relations in a Catalan secondary school
(S) Cultural diversity and education
(S) Immigrants, workers and citizens -A vision of migration from Spain
(S) Let's live diversity (materials for an intercultural educational action)
(S) A Diverse World (Comenius 3 project)
(S) Call to Bolombia (Comenius 3 project)
(S) El blanc i el negre (The black and the white)
(S) De Nador a Vic (From Nador to Vic)
(S) De Nador a Vic (From Nador to Vic)

School Library and ICT in a Multicultural Society
Taking action building parents’ social capital and getting them involved

The Island of Ireland
On Seeing schoolchildren as immigrants, citizens and emigrants
'Boundary-Awareness': Language, Migration and the Introduction of Citizenship Education to Schools in Northern Ireland


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