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NEW! LM INFO ALL (December 1, 2006): Pre-registration for annual conference and contact seminar For: All
Pre-registartion has started (December 1) - - info letter sent both through the (new) LM WWW-site ande the (old) MIR WWW-site.

LM INFO ALL, October 2, 2006: About work in the thematic groups For: All
The following is a revised list of points discussed at the group meeting for coordinators in Stavanger Sep 6, 2006.

INFO ALL 2, 2006 (Oct 1, 2006): 2nd Annual Conference of the LearningMigration Com 3 Network For: All
Bulgaria (venue of the event to be anounced later) - April 26-28 (Thu-Fri-Sat), 2007.

INFO ALL/1, 2006: Final Report is published on the WWW-site. For: All
Ativities 2002-2005.

INFO Conference 6 (May 3): Post-conference news For: All
See "Late News" columns.

INFO Conference 5 (April 24): Difficult situation with rooms For: All

INFO Conference 4 (April 21, 2006): Updates Friday For: All
Update accommodation; registering; clothes

INFO Conference 3 (April 20. 2006) For: All
Maps of Stavanger city (with hotels) + map of University of Stavanger; Bus services organised for the conference,

INFO Conference 2, 2006 (April 19) For: All

INFO about the Stavanger Conference, No 1, 2006 For: All
Short info about last preparation

INFO ALL/13, 2005 (Dec 16, 2005) For: All
(1) Greetings for the New Year; (2) Info about LearningMigration; (3) Info from Spanish partner; (4) Info from German partner

INFO ALL/12, 2005 (Dec 8, 2005: 1st Annual Conference of 'LearningMigration' For: All
1st version of Flyer for the Stavanger Conference.

INFO ALL/11, 2005 (October 14, 2005): Meetings in Oldenburg For: All
(1) Attached files for coordinator meetings (to be downloaded from menu option "Event", choice "7th partner meeting"; (2) Other practical information.

INFO ALL/10 2005 (Sep 09, 2005): Concerning the running of the new network "LearningMigration" For: All
(1) Agreement document; (2) Role of partners and coordinators; (3) Finances

INFO ALL/9, 2005 (Sep 08, 2005): Information to Socrates Agencies For: All
Information to Socrates Agencies of partner countries (Acceptance of new Comenius 3 network "LearningMigration").

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